“You Can’t Expect What You Can’t Inspect!”


Any business or industry that does not measure well does not manage well.

Benchmarking is essential, not only to the individual businesses, but to an entire industry to be able to report what success (or failure) may look like compared to other like-minded peers. In essence, “Agri-Benchmarking” is vital to the continuous improvement efforts of any world-class organization.


Collaboration vs. Competition?


The mindset of data sharing has to be based in the former. To collaborate with other peers and compare “apples to apples” allows the individual business to determine the right decisions to make to compete at a higher level. It also allows the industry as a whole to determine best practices based on the outcomes of the benchmarking.  Our “Agri-Benchmarking” platform is built to share and built to grow.


“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”


When a group of businesses gather together to share, learn and grow, the entire industry benefits. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) allow peers to compare their agritourism businesses, and our “Agri-Trends” reporting provides the right data to make the right decisions moving forward—as an individual company and as a collective industry. 


Enter Sales

Members collect and enter the appropriate data by each month and category to begin the process of analysis and reporting.

Dynamic Dashboard

Allows the member to interrogate the data in real time and contrast and compare to other participating Agri-Benchmarking members.

Agri-Trends Report

Analysis of the existing group's and member's data with trends and context will be provided monthly, quarterly and annually.

Discussion Forum

Engage with other Agri-Benchmarking members anonymously to clarify data, discuss outcomes, and ask questions that will allow the data to help drive evidence-based decisions for your business.