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Agri-Trends Report

July 2021

There are two words we will be focusing on within this report - “Mix” and “Feet.”


  • The mix is the percentage of each category as it relates to the overall sales of your farm, your group and the entire cohort of Agri-Benchmarkers.


  • The feet are the number of folks coming out to visit your farms.


We will take a deeper dive into both the mix and the feet  to give you the right data you need to make the right decisions moving into the fall season. This insight will help answer many of the questions being asked about how to increase foot traffic and maximize your revenue with each visitor to your farm. Keep a keen eye on your mix this month…and at the end of the 2021 season, we will be able to look at all three years of feet to see the overall impact of Covid as it relates to attendees…year over year over year.

(Note: The Agri-Trends Report is delivered with commentary by John Kennedy along with the option to download a .pdf copy for your records. All previous monthly reports are archived under the Resources Library. Additionally, If you would like to discuss the findings in the Monthly Agri-Trends Report, you can join us in the Members Discussion Forum specific to this month's analysis. We believe this allows you to further comment and ask any additional questions. 

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