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The Team

Who We Are

John Kennedy

Co-Founder & CEO

John Kennedy takes on the role of dreamer and visionary for the Agritourism.Life movement. As an international consultant and strategist to multiple industries, including Agritourism, John delivers innovative solutions for accelerated growth and profitability to hundreds of companies worldwide.

He is always asking “what’s possible” and pushing the limits of what’s next to promote, engage and benchmark the Agritourism.Life brand.  However, dreamers always need doers  to be successful, and Souny Kennedy is exactly that. John hears the challenges of his clients, converts them to opportunities, and then Souny delivers the solutions to enhance their business success. A great team for sure!

Souny Kennedy

Co-Founder & Business Analyst 

Souny Kennedy embraces her role of master designer, data analyst and digital creator to deliver the dream and vision of the Agritourism.Life brand. As a former data analyst for an international metrics-driven company, Souny has a wealth of knowledge and experience in wrangling and reporting consumer trends and purchases for over 60 airports that included over 300 restaurants, cafe's and retail outlets.


 From benchmarking metrics and reporting, to the beautiful design and layout of the Agritourism.Life magazine and website, Souny brings both her talent and tenacity to the platform, and executes our vision with professionalism and passion. 


Jimmy Shen

Chief Technology Officer

Jimmy Shen has worked in the field of data for over 15 years.  He understands all aspects of the field as an end-user of data from his time as a data/business analyst to creating data warehouses as a data engineer.  His knowledge also extends to different industries and companies with differing levels of technological sophistication.  Jimmy has a double bachelor's degree in Economics and Communications and has been certified by Microsoft and General Assembly.

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