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Welcome Agri-Benchmarkers! 

“You Can’t Expect What You Can’t Inspect” is a great message for any business that wants to measure success. The effort of measurement and outcome of reporting is driven by business benchmarking, and your association is proud to share the benefits of the Agri-Benchmarking Platform powered by Agritourism.Life. 


This platform will help you to understand Why benchmarking is vital to the decision making of your business and our industry, How to become part of the benchmarking community, and What you should expect in data, reporting and analysis. Data Drives Decisions…The  Agri-Benchmarking Platform will give you the tools to compare, improve and grow your Agritourism business in 2022 and beyond.

Pricing Plans

Find your Association savings plan here and join our anonymous agri-benchmarking platform. 

Data Entry &
Category Qualifiers 

Entering your monthly data takes no more than 5-10 minutes through our data entry portal.

Monthly Agri-Trends

We provide monthly analysis for our members in a PDF Report along with Video Commentary.

Let Us Know Your 
Interest in the Platform

Join other agritourism members who are already benchmarking!

A new addition to your Agritourism toolbox is a small business intranet - Your FarmSpace! From Standard Operating Procedures to Human Resource Management, your FarmSpace is your single source customizable location to run your business efficiently, effectively and profitably. FarmSpace is an intranet platform for the employees of a business to store, organize, share and access the company data from any device within the farm business. Click below to view a sample of Your FarmSpace!

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